Aspect Model Editor UI overview

This section gives a brief overview of the UI and its features.

Numbered UI overview

  menu file

Icon Name Action



Create, import, duplicate Aspect Models, or use a template.

note add

New Window

Work on a different Aspect Model in a new window.

open in new

Import Model

Bring an existing Model into the current workspace.

folder zip

Import Package

Add a packaged Model (ZIP) to the workspace.


Copy to Clipboard

Copy the current Model’s information for use elsewhere.


Save to Workspace

Store the current Model in the workspace for future use.


Export Model

Download the current Model as a TTL file.

download fill

Export Package

Download Model namespaces in a ZIP format.


  menu view

Icon Name Action


Toggle Toolbar

Switch the Toolbar on or off to better tailor your workspace environment, allowing you to focus on the aspects of the model that matter most to you.


Toggle Minimap

Show or hide the Minimap to enhance or simplify navigation within your model, enabling you to quickly move to different sections of your work.

filter list

Filter Model by…​

Apply filters to the model based on none, Properties, or other criteria, simplifying your view to concentrate on specific elements or relationships.

zoom in

Zoom in

Increase the level of detail you see in the model, allowing for closer examination of intricate parts or to fine-tune specific areas.

zoom out

Zoom out

Broaden your view of the model to gain a better understanding of the overall structure and how individual components fit together.

fit screen

Zoom to Fit

Adjust your perspective to encompass the entire model within your screen, ensuring you have a comprehensive overview of all elements at once.


Zoom to 100%

Reset your viewpoint to the model’s actual size, offering a standard scale for assessing dimensions and spatial relationships accurately.


  menu edit

Icon Name Action


Open Selected Element

Launch the Edit dialog for the selected element, providing a direct path to modify its attributes or review its details.


Remove Selected Element

Delete the currently selected element from your model, streamlining your workspace by removing unnecessary or redundant components.


Collapse/Expand Model

Toggle the view of your model between collapsed and expanded states, aiding in focusing on specific sections or understanding the model’s overall structure.


Format Model

Automatically adjust the layout and appearance of your model, enhancing readability and maintaining consistent styling throughout.


Connect Selected Elements

Create a linkage between two selected elements, establishing a relationship or flow that reflects their interaction within the model.


  menu validate

Icon Name Action

fact check

Current Model

Validate the current model.


  menu generate

Icon Name Action


HTML Documentation

Generate HTML documentation.


OpenApi Specification

Generate OpenAPI specification.

data array


Generate AASX/XML.


Sample JSON Payload

Generate sample JSON payload.

data object

JSON Schema

Generate json schema.


  menu search

Icon Name Action

view comfy alt


Search for elements.



Search for files.


Icon Name Action


Open highlighted element

Open the Edit dialog of the selected element (alternative: double-click an element inside the model).



Delete selected element(s).


Collapse all/Expand all

Expands/Collapses elements.



Automatically format the Aspect Model.



Connect two selected elements.



Validate the Aspect Model.

Workspace sidebar

The Workspace sidebar – see screenshot below – allows you to access namespaces (2) and to drag and drop elements to the graph area canvas (1).

ame ui overview workspace numbers

Expand the Workspace sidebar to view the description of each element.

To add an element to your model drag and drop it on the graph area canvas, edit its details, and connect it with the rest of the graph.

For more information, see Edit models.


Bottom workspace sidebar

Icon Name Action



Open settings. Allows for defining the general configuration of the Aspect Model Editor, language settings, and namespace settings.

To access the Settings dialog, click the Settings icon Settings icon.

For more information, see Settings.



Open notifications. Shows the validation results for your Aspect Model. Further, you can find there info messages (e.g., Aspect Model was loaded) and warning messages (e.g., if elements cannot be connected to each other).

To access the Notifications dialog, click the Notifications icon Notifications icon.

For more information, see Validation and notifications.



Open documentation.



The help icon Info opens a page which lists details about the application and provides a link to the documentation.

Example: help docs


Edit dialog

Edit the attributes of a selected element of your Aspect Model with the Edit dialog.

To access the details of an element in the Edit dialog, either double-click the element or select the element and click the Open element icon Edit icon on the toolbar.

For more information, see Edit elements.


With the map, you can easily navigate your Aspect Model in the graph area canvas.

To toggle its visibility, click the Show/Hide map icon in the toolbar.

Map toggle icon

For more information, see Navigate models.