Eclipse Semantic Modeling Framework

Eclipse Semantic Modeling Framework

Welcome to the
documentation of ESMF

Refer to the ESMF project page at the Eclipse Foundation for a general introduction to the Eclipse Semantic Modeling Framework project. For software releases and code, head over to GitHub: And for any questions or exchange, join the ESMF chat.


Start modeling

Understand SAMM to describe domain semantics for your assets in Aspect Models. SAMM is expressive and fosters reusability.

Create your Aspect Models graphically and learn SAMM on the go. Generate downstream artifacts, such as OpenAPI specs.

Use common features command-line-based: validate Aspect Models, generate artifacts, such as OpenAPI specs.

Start developing

Load and validate Aspect Models programmatically and generate code to create aspect-based APIs.

Load Aspect Models programmatically and generate code for software solutions or analytics use cases.

Build UIs better and faster. This SDK loads Aspect Models and generates UI code, such as tables that unite aspect data and model.

Model aspects of digital twins with SAMM to base APIs & UIs on semantic information.