Generate AsyncAPI specification

To generate an AsyncAPI specification from the Aspect Model, proceed as follows:

  • Click the Generate on menu.
    A menu offers one option to generate the AsyncAPI specification. +:

    • AsyncAPI specification — continue with this one

      Generate document
  • In case your model supports multiple languages, select the specific language for the documentation.

  • Select JSON or YAML as the desired file format.

  • Set the Application ID to the identifying URL to ensure unique identification within the system.

  • Set the Channel Address to e.g. mqtt://…​ connecting to the MQTT broker and ensuring seamless message delivery.

  • Check the Use Semantic Version checkbox, if you need the complete semantic version of the Aspect Model to be used as the version of the API. Otherwise, only the major part of the Aspect Version is used as the version of the API.

  • Check the Write Separate Files checkbox, for each component of the specification and create a zip package that includes all these files for comprehensive documentation and easy distribution.

  • Click Generate and store the Async API specification file locally.

Generate document
If you run into errors, please make sure that the graph is valid.
If the invalid element is not highlighted with a red border, click the Validate icon to get a hint.