Import package

To import a package with namespaces, proceed as follows:

  1. Click FileImport Package in the file menu.

    → An Explorer window opens.

  2. Navigate to the package ZIP file which contains a single namespace.

  3. Click Open to confirm your selection.

    → After confirmation, the files inside the ZIP file will be validated.

    import validating
  4. Click on files in the summary dialog to view the status of it.
    TIP: In case the zip contains multiple namespaces, the dialog will show them all respectively.

    validation result
  5. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the summary in a JSON-format file for further improvements.

  6. Click on one of the options to choose what happens with already existing namespaces.

    • Click Keep to keep the existing namespace.

    • Click Replace to replace the namespace in the Workspace.
      NOTE: Be aware that this option will literally overwrite your namespace with this content.

      replace import
  7. Click Import to move your files into the Workspace.

Now your namespaces are added to the recent model.