Operation attributes

Operations can have multiple inputs and one output:


A list of references to Properties that describe the input to the Operation. The attribute must be present but the list may be empty.


A single reference to a Property that describes the output of the Operation.

Multiple Properties can be entered for the Input attribute.

To add Properties to the Input or Output attribute, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Edit dialog, select the Input or Output attribute field.

  2. Start typing a new or existing Property name.

  3. In the displayed drop-down menu, click the new or existing Property name to add it as a value for the Input/Output attribute.

→ Now a Property has been added to the Input/Output attribute of the Operation.

Operation input attribute drop-down menu

Operation output attribute drop-down menu

Operation input attribute result

Operation output attribute result

Currently, no Properties can be optionally set in Operations. See Optional Properties (SAMM 2.1.0).