Known limitations

All known limitations of the Aspect Model Editor, that is, features or improvements that are not yet implemented, are listed here.

See also known issues.

Current limitations related to the SAMM Aspect Meta Model

This sections lists features that are supported in Aspect Models by the SAMM Aspect Meta Model but not fully or only partially available within the Aspect Model Editor.

Category Title Explanation


Entity: Include predefined instance

SAMM supports to refer to a globally pre-defined Entity instance (namespace: samm-e), but the Aspect Model Editor does not.


Properties: Refinement

It is not possible to refine Properties to make sharing of Entities easier.

Current limitations related to usability

This sections lists features that can be achieved within the Aspect Model Editor, but with a substantial limitation in the usability.

Category Title Explanation


Copy & paste, undo & redo

Popular editing features such as copy & paste and undo & redo are not supported. Users want to use familiar keyboard shortcuts for editing their Aspect Models.


Aspect Repository and Entity Repository

This version of the Aspect Model Editor supports only file-based operations. Users also want to share Aspects and Entities for reuse.