Properties Configuration for Aspects and Events

The Aspect as well as Entity elements can contain additional Properties. Entities are wrappers for encapsulating multiple Properties, so apart from its standard attributes the most important thing is to add the relevant Properties.

To add and configure Properties, open the Edit dialog and click the Configure button to display the Properties Configuration.

edit properties informations dialog


Name of the Property


This means that the content may or may not be provided in the API response of the corresponding implementation of the Aspect

Not in Payload

This means that the content will not be provided in the API response. (Usage of the Property in the Aspect Model is for explanations only.)

Payload Name

Overrides the Property’s name in the runtime payload.

Property attributes

Properties can contain an example value:

Example value

This provides an example value for the Property, which requires that the entered data type has been defined in a corresponding Characteristic. It is important to ensure that the data type has the correct format. Find the Data Types (SAMM 2.1.0) with an example value.