Validation and notifications

The Aspect Model Editor periodically validates your current Aspect Model against the SAMM Aspect Meta Model version 2.1.0.

To view the validation results in the Notifications dialog, click the Notifications icon Notifications icon.


→ In the Notifications dialog, all the validation results for your Aspect Model are listed.

To see more details for a notification, expand it by clicking the Expand arrow icon Expand icon.

Locate validation errors in your Aspect Model

To locate a validation error in your model, click the Options icon Options icon for a particular validation error and select Go to.

Go to

Resolve the issue within your model. For more information on valid Aspect Models, refer to the SAMM Aspect Meta Model version 2.1.0 > Aspects.

Manually trigger a validation

To manually trigger a validation, click the Validate icon Validate icon in the toolbar.

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